Thursday, March 12, 2009

So many changes............

So much has happened since my last post!

Noah finally has his own room (ok well more like his own shoebox) but its all his no more sharing with Lola, we havn't quite finished it yet but we have made cars and trucks to go on the wall, I will post pics when we have finished. The other plus side of the own room thing is both Noah and Lola are sleeping way better, we even got a few full nights sleep out of Noah but they are also not waking up till after 7am which is awesome!

Our other news is that Noah and Lola have both started daycare on a Friday and Sienna goes as well so I get a total kid free day!!!!!!!!!! They love going to daycare and have heaps of fun there, they didn't even cry the first time I left them (I did, shhhhh don't tell anybody tho).

Sienna is doing great I can't believe that she is nearly 3, where did my little girl go?? she is very into Princesses and My Little Pony at the mo and love role playing it is so cute to watch.

She is getting all ready for her "Pony party" oh and easter (whoever taught that kid who the easter bunny was needs to be shot).

Sienna is also fully potty trained now both day and night, now we just have to get the other 2 out of nappies and we will save some money.

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