Saturday, February 7, 2009

A day in the sun

We took the kids to the park on Saturday morning to let them run around and exhust themselves ( secretly we hoped that they would be so tired that they would all sleep then we could get in a nap) anyway that didn't happen but we did have alot of fun.
It makes it so much eaiser now that all the kiddies are walking, no need to haul a pushchair around!
Wait for me dad my legs are only little!!

Really if there is a hard way to do things Sienna will find it!

Making slime in the paddling pool

Noah go up, Noah go down

Let go dad I can do it myself.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


The Tribe
Sienna and her baby on xmas morning

Lola doing what she does best ...... posing

Noah choosing just the right block

Noel and his girls

Here we go again............

So when Sienna was little I had the best intentions in the world to keep her blog up to date, but well I didn't and now with friends spread all round the country and overseas I thought I should start again.

Here goes, Sienna is going to be 3 in April, time has gone so fast, she has grown into the most amazing little person, she is so clever, loves to dance and sing and is a wonderful big sister.

Noah has just started to walk and is trouble with a capital T, he loves to climb and is so cheeky his laugh and smile is contagious.

Lola is a very strong willed and spirited soul, to look at her butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but give her half a chance and she will be creating mischief.

So thats the gang, I promise to update this often so we can see how much these little terrors will change and grow.

Photos will come in the next post, when I get them organised.